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GRI’s Senior Advisory Board

Kellie MacElhaney, PhD

Senior Advisor, Corporate Social Responsibility and Inclusive Organizations

Kathryn Travers

Senior Advisor, Inclusive Urban Environments & Safe Cities

Sujata Warrier, PhD

Senior Advisor, Domestic Violence and Trafficking

Mary Llewellyn

Senior Advisor, Strategic Development

Noel Taylor

Senior Advisor, Strategic Development

Louise Williams

Senior Advisor, Inclusive Economies

Ghada Ahmed

Senior Advisor, Inclusive Value Chains

Charles Ericksen, E.Ed

Senior Advisor, Adult Education

Our Staff

Lady “the bug” Powell

Chief Morale Officer

Amandine Weinrob

Manager, Iraq & Tunisia Program

Kelly Ochoa

Associate, Iraq & Tunisia Programs

Amy Sullivan, PhD

Senior Director, CLA & MEL

Sully Sullivan

Regional Morale Manager, Africa

Indeok Oak

Senior Specialist, Grants

Jess Melton

Senior Specialist, Contracts and Compliance

Jacque Shiner

Senior Specialist, Pricing

Chris Munoz


Grace Wu


Preferred Consultant Network

In addition to U.S. based staff, GRI leverages a network of over 600 gender equity and social inclusion experts, allowing us to mobilize quickly and scale to meet the needs of our clients. Our experts have extensive global experience promoting inclusion and empowerment of vulnerable groups in the technical areas of democracy and governance, citizen security, land tenure and property rights, agriculture, economics, and law. Together, our team has experience in over 65 countries throughout Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Central and South America, Eastern Europe and Eurasia, and the Middle East.


Interested in joining GRI’s network of preferred consultants?


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