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GRI strives to leave the planet in a better state than we found it, regardless of where the work takes us.

Zero-waste workplace

The average office worker generates about 2 pounds worth of paper products and creates 4.40 pounds of waste each day! With teams around the world, and significant presence in places with little recycling infrastructure, we are always looking for ways to lessen our impact on the environment. From 2-sided printer defaults, to wooden highlighters, to real plates and cups in the breakroom we make is easier for everyone to leave less behind.

Carbon offsets for travel

At GRI we support people and communities around the world, and while we look for every opportunity for virtual work, we still fly – a lot. This is bad news for the environment. The Washington Post reported that flights were responsible for 2.4 percent of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in 2018 — a figure expected to grow more than threefold by 2050. For every trip we take, GRI partners with Gold Standard to offset carbon emissions for employee travel. We do good, and do it well.


Read about GRI’s 2019 carbon offset project in Indonesia.

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