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GRI is a woman-owned social enterprise firm headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area that applies a behavioral insights framework to advance gender equity and social inclusion in governments, markets, and organizations around the world. Our research-driven programs identify how individual and community choices exacerbate systems-wide gender and inclusion disparities. By leveraging local knowledge we are able to sensitively sequence gender and inclusion activities and identify non-confrontational entry points that change norms, policies, attitudes, and behaviors.

GRI is a Woman Owned Small Business, DUNS #078574257

Operating Principles and Ethics

Our culture and operations are guided by a set of principles that reflect our values and promote excellence in service delivery.

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We use research to challenge our assumptions, and leverage local knowledge to build evidence-based programs that work.

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We examine the attributes of a problem, enabling us to understand what is at the core and how to fix it.

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We look for affinities. Our diverse network of over 600 technical experts have seen it before and bring fresh perspectives to old problems.

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We are rooted in our aspiration. Our flexibility allows us to explore multiple pathways to impact, but the end goal is always front and center.

Corporate Ethics


GRI operates under Firm Fixed Price, Time & Materials, and Cost-Plus Fee contracting mechanisms. Audited financial statements and indirect rates are available upon request.

Corporate Ethics

The Way We Work: GRI’s Code of Ethics is Gender Resources’ guide to appropriate conduct. Together with other GRI guidelines, such as our Employee Manual, this document sets the standards to ensure that every employee of GRI acts with integrity.

To download The Way We Work: GRI Code of Ethics.

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