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Inclusive Economic Growth & Livelihoods

GRI connects people around the world with private sector opportunities to build economic independence and overcome poverty. These opportunities are especially important to women, particularly in the developing world, who continue to be under-represented as economic actors. Research consistently shows that when women earn, families benefit.  Women have great un-tapped economic potential, which GRI helps to unlock through gendered-value chain analysis and targeted technical training. Our team includes economists, entrepreneurs, managers, credit specialists, and development practitioners. 

GRI offers the following expertise within this practice area:

  • Inclusive economic policy and regulation
  • Inclusive Job Creation
  • Gendered value chain analysis
  • Job training and placement
  • Vocational Training 
  • Workplace Accessibility Audits
  • Inclusive Management Practices
  • Discrimination and Harassment Mitigation and response mechanisms
  • Inclusive Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development
  • Equity in Enterprise and Value Chain Development
  • Access to Finance and Credit
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Gendered Economic Behavior Change analysis
  • Leadership and mentorship programming for women and under-represented peoples
  • Inclusive trade policy
  • Procurement set-aside programs for government and private sector
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GRI Conversations

Conversations about an equitable recovery

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