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Inclusive Natural Resources

Equitable access to and benefit from natural resources has the potential to conserve precious resources while lifting vulnerable populations out of poverty. This will require pro-poor and inclusive policies, plans, and programs that identify, validate, and address the specific needs of women and vulnerable groups.

GRI helps women and marginalized groups access, manage and derive equitable benefits from natural resource-based livelihoods. Our team of natural resource managers, rural economists, conservationists, property lawyers, water engineers, and utility pricing specialists have worked on five continents to secure public services and natural resources for women and men from every walk of life.

GRI offers the following services within this practice area:

  • Access to Irrigation
  • Inclusive Forest Systems Management
  • Non-timber forest products
  • Pro-poor carbon sequestration planning
  • Inclusive policy, planning, and legislation
  • Inclusive coastal resource management
  • Eco tourism
  • Gender and vulnerable population audits
  • Inclusive catchment management
  • Climate resiliency for vulnerable populations
  • Gendered emergency response planning
  • Inclusive Practices for Extractive Industries
  • Equity and Inclusion in Property, Grazing, and Water Rights
  • Indigenous Land and Intellectual Rights
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