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Kathryn Travers

Kathryn Travers

Senior Advisor, Inclusive Urban Environments & Safe Cities

Kathryn Travers is a senior global consultant on issues of gender, safety, citizen participation, and urban development and governance for various international organizations including the UN. Kathryn also works as Development Officer for Democratic Life at Concertation Montréal, and is a Senior Advisor to Women in Cities International and a Fellow with the New Cities Foundation. She has a successful history of developing and managing programes in Canada and internationally and has effectively worked to broaden the understanding of women’s safety by bringing an intersectional approach to her work and by collaborating with different groups of women and girls to explore new related issues (accessibility, essential services, adolescence, etc.). Kathryn has led the development of new and innovative tools for capturing data about women’s and girls’ safety experiences in urban environments and has led training workshops in several countries. She has extensive experience in working with diverse populations in the global North and South including adolescent girls, women with disabilities, indigenous women, elderly women, women living in informal settlements, etc. 


  1. Travers received her MSc in Urban Studies from the Institut National de Recherche Scientifique in Canada. She is fluent in French and English.


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