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Our Partners

GRI works with link-minded local and regional organizations around the world to promote gender equality and social inclusion.

One-team Approach

At GRI when we partner with an organization it is because we believe in supporting innovation, leadership, and strengthening and building capacity so that they contribute to the same developmental goals as ours. To help partners stay engaged and to work with us, each partner has access to real-time program information through GRI’s Partner Portal. This platform provides a dashboard of a project’s Key Performance Indicators, Deliverable Status, partner invoicing, reports, upcoming Task Orders and RFQs, team contact list, and calendar of major events. Partners can access up to date information with the click of a button from anywhere in the world.

Current partners can sign-in to their Partner Portal page here.

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Partner Capacity Building Program

GRI’s capacity development is centered around integrated approaches that focuses on developing participatory plans, flexible and workable processes/systems resulting in measurable achievements for  long-term development goals.  GRI’s in-house Organizational Capacity Development expertise developed user friendly capacity building tools that focuses on overall organizational framework as well as integrating donor-based program impact.  In addition, GRI supports USAID’s Acquisition and Assistance Strategy (December 2018) that states:


“USAID will shift from viewing successful local capacity building as an organization’s ability to receive and manage federal funding directly to measuring success by the strengthened performance of local actors and local systems in achieving and sustaining demonstrable results.”

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Organizational Requirements for Equality and Inclusion

At GRI, we ask our partners to meet the same organizational requirements for equality and inclusion that we set for ourselves. No organization can expect to achieve equality and inclusion goals in their programming that they don’t practice themselves. We review each partner’s equality and inclusion practices and policies, and work in tandem to ensure that gender inclusion is embedded and institutionalized into the organizations culture, practices, and polices.  Our partners must push forward policies that confirm that equal rights, access and control of resources must be shared by women and men. In addition, our partners must be willing to engage both men and boys in gender equality programs in order to ensure that the transformation we envision for equal society is not just focusing on women only and a short-term project but long-lasting.  GRI supports our partners who understand and practice gender equality and inclusion as an organizational culture as well as institutionalizing policies that drive holistic inclusion.  

Organizational requirements for equality and inclusion

Want to work with us?

Interested businesses and organizations are invited to email us a copy of their corporate capabilities statement at [email protected]

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