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Get equality right at home first

At GRI we recognize that we can’t promote gender equality and social inclusion externally if we don’t follow those principles at home. At GRI our guiding philosophy is “Nothing about me, without me.” We constantly ask ourselves “Who is involved in this conversation?” to ensure we are getting all points of view. We spend time looking honestly at ourselves and are committed to sacrificing a little expediency to ensure inclusivity, which we consider a critical starting point for equality.

Your Voice Heard

At GRI we hire good people – we want to hear from them. We strive to build a workplace culture where everyone feels empowered to contribute to the team, and appreciated when they do so. This requires going far beyond bringing people to the table. We seek to ensure respect between employees at all levels, generate a genuine desire to hear other points of view, operationalize a culture where we all learn from each other, and be transparent in how decisions are made.

Inequality prevents good outcomes

Fundamental to GRI’s commitment to equality in the workplace is the belief that it just makes us better at what we do. The more ideas we generate, the more perspectives we examine a problem from, the better our programs and solutions will be.

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