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Inclusive Safety & Security

GRI works to address gender-based violence (GBV) across the life span of women and girls to promote peaceful families and communities. Our GBV work is global and focused on developing culturally responsive services that prioritize victim safety and offender accountability. GRI’s approach follows trauma informed practices for prevention, protection, and prosecution. Our team undertakes and scales activities with leading experts to support long term sustainable changes through a system change lens and community coordination focus. GRI emphasizes exploring the dynamic relationships among the personal, social, cultural, and environmental factors that impact GBV.

GRI offers the following expertise within this practice area:

  • Women’s safety audits
  • Public safety for women
  • 1325 planning and implementation
  • Inclusive peace processes
  • Inclusive conflict mitigation protocols
  • Anti-domestic violence and sexual harassment legislation and policy
  • Femicide and Intimate partner violence
  • Victim screening and intake processing for first responders
  • Victim centered court administration services
  • Social protection programming
  • Reintegration services
  • Shelter management
  • Coordinated community response (CCR)
  • Sexual Violence, Exploitation, and Abuse
  • GSI training for law enforcement, prosecutors, and judicial officers
  • Inclusive policing practices
  • Survivor and victim protection services
  • Trafficking in persons
  • Infanticide prevention
  • Female Genital mutilation
  • Forced and seasonal marriages
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