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Inclusive Governance & Services

GRI promotes equitable access, participation, and responsiveness in governance and justice systems around the world. Our work strengthens processes of engagement and inclusion, which identify and amplify the needs of marginalized groups so systems can be developed to better meet their needs; and these groups can become more informed and responsive citizens. Our specialists are experienced legislators, policy advisors, lawyers, judges, and political activists who are driven by a passion to help governments around the world to represent and serve all their citizens equitably.

GRI’s governance expertise includes the following:

  • Inclusion in Governance, Political Processes, and Elections
  • Urban Planning and Inclusive public design
  • Inclusive e-Services
  • Civic Participation and Public Accountability
  • Legislative, Legal and Policy Reform
  • Community Dispute Resolution and conflict management
  • Gender responsive budgeting
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Spotlight Activities


Gender-blind planning of public spaces disempowers women and prevents them from fully using, navigating, and enjoying the cities and towns in which they live. This is exacerbated in war torn settings, like Iraq, where existing conservative gender norms mix with conflict, heightening the danger for women in public spaces. The USAID Takamul/IGPA project supports municipal governments in Iraq to partner with local women, hear their perspectives, and give them the power to determine how municipal environments can be made safer for women.


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