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Company Values Statement

At GRI our team works by the following seven values.

V1. Adopt and follow ethical business practices in every area of our operations. Ethical behavior is a cornerstone of our operations, and supports our ability to achieve each of our other six values. At GRI we maintain clear standards for ethical business practices and demand the adherence of employees at every level of the organization.

V2. Observe focused planning & disciplined financial management. At GRI we recognize the importance of our role in managing scarce resources for real people in need. We strive, in all we do, to be (a) focused in our planning and management of programs; and (b) disciplined in financial management, in order to maximize the positive impact on the lives of the men, women, boys, and girls in the communities in which we work.

V3. Show respect for employees. Nothing can be accomplished without the hard work and dedication of our employees, and we strive to ensure that our appreciation for every employee shows in all we do. Employee safety and welfare is our first priority and a healthy work-life balance is encouraged and supported.

V4. Never stop learning. At GRI we believe that every success can be improved upon, and every mistake is an important learning opportunity. We seek to empower every employee to be proactive, engaged, and creative.

V5. Be thought leaders. GRI aims to be the recognized experts in the field of gender and development. Not satisfied with the status-quo, we are driven to use our insight to take impactful new approaches that create real change.

V6. Develop and maintain an ego-free workplace. GRI is the type of workplace where people are intelligent and driven, but also down-to earth, humble, and genuine. Employees that thrive here are concerned with working hard and achieving their goals, not image, ego, or tearing others down.

V7. Be a community partner. GRI is a proud member of the communities in which we work. We believe our operations should support the community's economic and social development beyond our project objectives and are committed to long-term investment in those communities, transparent operations, and community buy-in.



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